Olivet School of Media and Communication

Bachelor of Arts


The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism is a four-year undergraduate degree program preparing students to contribute to a world revolutionized through Christian mission as professional journalists.

The program combines core curricular studies in Bible, general education, and journalism with the aim of cultivating a biblical worldview and a professional perspective in students consistent with the mission of Olivet University.

Washington D.C. Program
Undergraduate students pursuing the Journalism major have the option to take the entire range of journalism major courses at Olivet University’s Washington D.C. campus starting from the second year of study. Eligible students must have taken general education, theological and biblical studies core courses at the main campus in Riverside, CA and have maintained a good academic standing.

Please refer to the Washington D.C. Academic Catalog for details.

Program Goals

In the context of Olivet’s mission, completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree program will enable students to:

  • Consistently demonstrate professional skills and practice required in the ever-changing media landscape
  • Acquire hands-on experience in the business of media and communications
  • Discuss the impact of mass communications on the domestic society and the globalized world
  • Demonstrate an understanding of professional ethical principles and biblical values in the practice of journalism
  • Apply current tools and technologies of media and communications in Christian mission


Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (180 units)

1. Bachelor of Arts Degree Core (108 units)

The Bachelor of Arts Degree Core is divided into two main areas: (1) B.A. Core Requirement; (2) B.A. Core Distribution; (3) General Ministry Skills.

See Olivet University’s undergraduate catalog “Bachelor of Arts Degree Core Curriculum” section for the comprehensive course list.

(1)   B.A. Core Requirement (60 units)
(2)   B.A. Core Distribution (48 units)
(3)   General Ministry Skills (0 units) 

2. Journalism Major Courses (52 units)

Students must complete 52 units of journalism major courses, including 20 units required core courses, 12 units in one of the three concentrations, 8 units of journalism electives, and 12 units of ministry internship courses.

(1)  Journalism Major Core

Students are required to take the following courses of 20 quarter hours in total.

    • COMM101 History of Mass Communication (4)
    • JOUR100  News Writing (4)
    • JOUR110  Reporting (4)
    • JOUR120  Fundamentals of Multimedia Journalism (4)
    • JOUR130  Media Law (4)

(2)  Journalism Major Concentrations

Students declare one of the three concentrations within the Journalism Major. Each consists of 12 units. Choices are i) Reporting/Writing, ii) Multimedia, iii) Strategic Communication.

i)     Reporting/Writing

This specialization prepares students to become professional journalists, equipping them with the abilities to report in depth and to write clearly in various styles.

      • JOUR300 Advanced Reporting (4)
      • JOUR310 News Editing (4)
      • JOUR320 Feature Writing (4)

ii)    Multimedia

This specialization will enable students to be proficient in the use of multimedia tools for innovative storytelling. 

      • JOUR330 Introduction to Photojournalism (4)
      • JOUR340 Audio and Video Production (4)
      • JOUR350 Multimedia Storytelling (4)

iii)    Strategic Communication

This specialization prepares students to pursue opportunities in public relations and other related fields, equipping them with the skills to create strategic messages for the public.

      • COMM300 Introduction to Strategic Communication (4)
      • COMM310 Advertising and Public Relations Law (4)
      • COMM320 Public Relations Writing (4) 

(3)  Journalism Major Electives

To complete studies in the journalism major, students need to take 8 units from the course list below.

    • COMM110 Communication Theory (4)
    • COMM140 Audience Engagement (4)
    • COMM330 Advertisement (4)
    • JOUR200 Media Ethics (4)
    • JOUR210 Strategic Social Media (4)
    • JOUR220 International Media (4)
    • JOUR360 Opinions, Blogs, Reviews (4)
    • JOUR370 Religion Reporting (4)
    • JOUR380 Google and the Media (4)
    • JOUR390 Broadcast News (4) 

(4)  Ministry Internship

Ministry internship is required of journalism majors. It is designed to give students practical experience in the real working environment as well as receive additional training and networking that will help students compete in the marketplace.

Students must complete 12 quarter hours of internship in total upon graduation.

    • PRAC300 Ministry Internship I  (4)
    • PRAC310 Ministry Internship II (4)
    • PRAC320 Ministry Internship III (4)

3. Open Electives (20 units)

Students are required to take an additional 20 units of open electives. These electives can be chosen from any courses from Olivet University’s undergraduate degree programs.

Journalism (Minor)

A Journalism Minor teaches the core elements in journalism. Theory and practice of gathering, processing, and delivering news is emphasized, preparing individuals to bring their theological training to bear as writers and editors. 

Program Goals

In the context of Olivet’s mission, completion of the Minor in Journalism program will enable students to:

    • Develop basic writing and reporting skills to enter the field of professional journalism
    • Reflect critically on the relationship between mass media and Christian mission
    • Assess the role and impact of mass media in society
    • Benefit ministry areas with messages that seek to improve the lives of the audiences they reach by applying Gospel values

Journalism Minor Curriculum (28 units)

Students must complete 28 units of journalism courses, including 12 units core courses, and 16 units elective courses.

Journalism Minor Core (12 units)

Students are required to take the following courses of 12 quarter hours in total.

  • JOUR100  News Writing (4)
  • JOUR110  Reporting (4)
  • JOUR310  News Editing (4) (prereq: JOUR100, JOUR110)

Journalism Minor Electives (16 units)

  • COMM140 Audience Engagement (4)
  • JOUR120 Fundamentals of Multimedia Journalism (4)
  • JOUR130 Media Law (4)
  • JOUR210 Strategic Social Media (4)
  • JOUR330 Introduction to Photojournalism (4)
  • JOUR340 Audio and Video Production (4)
  • JOUR370 Religion Reporting (4)
  • JOUR380 Google and the Media (4)
  • PRAC300 Ministry Internship I* (4)
  • PRAC310 Ministry Internship II* (4)
  • PRAC320 Ministry Internship III* (4)

*Note: Ministry Internships are available to students who complete all core courses. Students are also required to meet a minimum GPA of 3.0.

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